Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, a hero, a savior and an inspiration. Is now gone. But While the world mourns him we should focus on what he accomplished while he was alive.

First of all when the Apartheid started he rebelled protesting and making speeches in secret. he used hideouts and disguises to mask his real self but never the less he was always found at the top of the government watch list.

When he was finally caught and sentenced for 27 years things started to get better. When his sentence was about done his sentence ended and it was a better thing than you think because the new white president (De Klerk) thought that Mandela was right and that the blacks should be treated equal.

Now that Nelson was out of prison he and De Klerk made South Africa a better place.

So while the rest of the world mourns him you can join them but think of what he did achieve.

Class Population Poster

This is my Class Population Poster. Hope you liked it. I didn't have enough space to put all of the information but this is what I got.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Parent Interview

I interviewed my parents about there culture and how they live, here is a brief summary of what they said.
Our parents lived in a very different world then the one we live in today, but what did they use and what type of techmology did they use?
Some of the things that were similar were what they had, it might have looked different or been called different names but they used the technology they had the same way.
Now on the other hand there were some things that were very different. Like what type of things they played with, for example they might have read a book or played soccer were we would have gotten on the phone to talk. Another way things were different is because they didn't have alot of the tech that we have today they only barley had TV's when they were our age now we have iPads or phones when we are very young.
Some things that  might surprise you is if you wanted to give some one an urgent message that is far away you would have to send letters that might take days to weeks to get there and you might be giving them a urgent message like the the king of great britain did to the british in the new world.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tropical Wet Climate

Tropical Wet

The temarature is hot and tropical wet zones are generally humid, the tropical zones are at 25 degrees around the equator and get tons of direct sunlight that is why the plants grow to amazing heights here.
Some countries that are this climate are Brazil, Inonesia, Democratic Republic and the Philipines.
The tropical wet zone is humid because its so hot but so wet all the time that the warm are has a warm feel to it. The temperature is usually 27 degrees Celsius because of the humidity.This zone produces 40 percent of the oxygen on earth are the reasons for over half the plant life and animals on earth.The tropical wet zone is the same throughout the year and has no seasons.

Which month has the lowest rain fall and how much is it?
Which month has the highest rain fall and how much is it?
Which month has the highest temperature and how much is it?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Climate vs. Weather

The average tempature for Missouri is 50 Degrees Fahrenheit. It is generally hot in the summer and cold in the winters dropping to about 32 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The difference between weather and climate is that weather is only in the present and climate is in the past, present and future, basically all year round.
The temperature on October 3rd was 30 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Monday, September 9, 2013



Kenya is a country east from Uganda in the eastern hemisphere of the earth.It is in the continent of Africa on the eastern coast.It Has a coastline on the indian ocean.
The capital of Kenya is Nairobi.
Kenya is In africa so it is generally dry and is made up of plains and deserts.
This is a map of the location of Kenya next to some of its neighboring countries such as Uganda.


One representation of place in Kenya is Mount Kenya, Its shows the city inside of this hot dry place.
Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest mountain in Africa.
 Here is a picture of Mount Kenya so you get the idea.
kenya is hot dry and spacious and plain.you can see by this picture that by the dry weather and temperatures that this mountain is unlike our heavily forested mountains.


One of the regions of Kenya is the desert dry region which have recently found huge water reserves out in the desert which is ironic because it is the desert dry region.like other deserts deserts in the world water is a scarce and valuable resource some times the ownership of these natural resources  is the cause of arguments and wars.
Here is a picture.
Imagine living here in the wasteland going to school and coming home to do your chores in the beating sun.

Human-Environment Interaction

People in Kenya modify the earth by building skyscrapers it these deserts that would seem impossible to concur.
People adapt to the earth by adjusting to the harsh climate.
People depend on the earth to bring them rain and other resources that are necessary. 


An example of movement is Kenya airways it is a famous airline in Kenya and gets all over the world. The ocean is always usable to everyone.