Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tropical Wet Climate

Tropical Wet

The temarature is hot and tropical wet zones are generally humid, the tropical zones are at 25 degrees around the equator and get tons of direct sunlight that is why the plants grow to amazing heights here.
Some countries that are this climate are Brazil, Inonesia, Democratic Republic and the Philipines.
The tropical wet zone is humid because its so hot but so wet all the time that the warm are has a warm feel to it. The temperature is usually 27 degrees Celsius because of the humidity.This zone produces 40 percent of the oxygen on earth are the reasons for over half the plant life and animals on earth.The tropical wet zone is the same throughout the year and has no seasons.

Which month has the lowest rain fall and how much is it?
Which month has the highest rain fall and how much is it?
Which month has the highest temperature and how much is it?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Climate vs. Weather

The average tempature for Missouri is 50 Degrees Fahrenheit. It is generally hot in the summer and cold in the winters dropping to about 32 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The difference between weather and climate is that weather is only in the present and climate is in the past, present and future, basically all year round.
The temperature on October 3rd was 30 Degrees Fahrenheit.