Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Parent Interview

I interviewed my parents about there culture and how they live, here is a brief summary of what they said.
Our parents lived in a very different world then the one we live in today, but what did they use and what type of techmology did they use?
Some of the things that were similar were what they had, it might have looked different or been called different names but they used the technology they had the same way.
Now on the other hand there were some things that were very different. Like what type of things they played with, for example they might have read a book or played soccer were we would have gotten on the phone to talk. Another way things were different is because they didn't have alot of the tech that we have today they only barley had TV's when they were our age now we have iPads or phones when we are very young.
Some things that  might surprise you is if you wanted to give some one an urgent message that is far away you would have to send letters that might take days to weeks to get there and you might be giving them a urgent message like the the king of great britain did to the british in the new world.

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