Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Acid Rain Information

What is the environmental issue?

One of the worst world wide issues is acid rain, some may argue that it is not a world wide issue but considering how many places it affects it is deffinetly a world wide problem.  The term Acid rain was invented in 1852 by an english chemist named Robert Angus, since then acid rain has been a popular debate between scientists and policy makers.


Some of the causes of acid rain are the burning of coal, oil and other fossil fuels such as those.
The primary cause is sulfur dioxide mostly from Europe and  the U.S. this comes from cars, power plants and other this as seen in the picture below.


One of the major effects of acid rain is the pollution of water and the fact that it ruins plant nutrients. This is bad for the ecosystem and humans. This means that in the future if none does anything about it it will get bad enough that none has any fresh drinking water.


Acid rain is a major problem but it can be avoided in the future by having power plants use coal with less sulfur and using safer and healthier ways of transportation. I say it again this is a major issue but if we work together we can stop it.


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