Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pace Of Change-Definition

RThe term pace of change means how fast something is going like how fast a caterpillar takes in its cocoon to turn into a butterfly, it literally means the pace that something's changes at. For example you could measure how long it takes for a whole city to be converted to another religion like how some of Rome's cities converted mainly to Christianity because of one of its emperors was baptized. Another example is how long it takes a cup of water to become a cup of ice in the freezer. You would measure how long it took for the water to freeze.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Seminar reflection

1.The two main ideas that I took away with me are that countries and companies only care about profit and not their workers and that globalization is good for some countries because it brings new ideas.
2. The ideas that really stuck with me was when Manuela P. said that some corporations are destroying their own resources.
3. I did not really have an idea that I did not agree with.
4.I feel that I did nor speak much because I was listening to every one else and gathering info, but my partner Esteban was giving me very good things to say and if I did this again I would listen to him more.

Monday, May 4, 2015



An example of economic globalization is how the company apple has stores all over the world and they give forms of communication to many people regardless of their heritage.

Another form of economic globalization is the company ford car company because they sell to people all over the world.

A final example of economic globalization is how Xbox or PlayStation connects people all over by letting them by and use their project.


An example of cultural globalization is how a celebration like Christmas is celebrated all over the world.

Another example of cultural globalization is how cultures like Hawaiian culture is used all over the world for learning and so on.

Lastly an example of cultural globalization is how the English language is used all over the world to unite people.