Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pace Of Change-Definition

RThe term pace of change means how fast something is going like how fast a caterpillar takes in its cocoon to turn into a butterfly, it literally means the pace that something's changes at. For example you could measure how long it takes for a whole city to be converted to another religion like how some of Rome's cities converted mainly to Christianity because of one of its emperors was baptized. Another example is how long it takes a cup of water to become a cup of ice in the freezer. You would measure how long it took for the water to freeze.

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  1. Your are talking about how long it takes for a single thing to occur--but pace of change is looking at things from a much larger perspective. Like how changes in the ways in which we transport goods has continued to change much more rapidly due to technological advances in the last 80 or so years than at any other point in human history.